Financial planning

How we can help with financial planning

Investment advice

Our investment managers will expertly manage your assets to achieve the goals set out in your financial plan. We build portfolios that support your investment requirements and take into consideration your overall financial aspirations.


When planning for retirement, we have more choices than ever before. Our retirement planning service can help you build the wealth you need, to achieve the retirement you deserve.

Estate planning

Deciding how you will pass on your estate and planning for it can be complex. We can advise on how to structure your estate efficiently so that your wealth is assured for the next generation.


We can offer guidance on how to protect your income, your family and your business. We can give you peace of mind that you are protected against the unexpected.

Mortgage advice

Whether you require guidance about owning your own home or investing in property, we offer a complete mortgage advice service.

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Your trusted wealth partner

We cut through the complexity of the world of money and investing to give you the clarity and clear direction you need – whether you’re beginning to save and invest for the first time; organising your financial affairs as your family grows; or enjoying retirement and thinking about how you would like to provide for future generations.


5-step financial planning process


An adviser will hold a complimentary meeting with you to understand what matters most, as well as to discuss your circumstances, attitude and capacity for risk, and your future goals.


To develop an integrated and tailored financial plan that best meets your needs, we perform a 360° assessment of your current financial position. By understanding the goals you wish to achieve, we agree with you the services that we will provide and the fees we will charge.


Once your tailored financial plan has been prepared, we will discuss it with you to ensure you understand and agree with our recommendations before we proceed any further.


We will implement your personal financial plan with precision, drawing on dedicated support teams from across our business.


We will regularly review and adapt your plan with you. This ensures that your financial planning objectives can evolve as life inevitably changes.

What is Finance Planning ?

Financial planning helps you understand where you are today and create a roadmap to get you where you want to be. Planning is personalized to you—whether you’re saving for a single goal, like retirement, or need comprehensive planning and wealth management.

  • Discover your goals
  • Consider all aspects of your financial life
  • Identify action steps
  • Create an investment strategy tailored to your goals

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Why is financial planning important?

Financial planning helps you take control of your future:

  • Feel more confident about reaching your financial goals
  • Save for milestones like college and retirement
  • Build an investment portfolio tailored to your goals
  • Know where you want to go and how to stay on track


What is Financial Planning?

Put simply, Financial Planning is the process of evaluating your current situation, and then preparing and executing a roadmap for a better financial future! A qualified financial consultant can combine investment planning and financial planning to ensure that you meet your important goals by investing systematically and following correct investing behaviours.

What is the main objective of Financial Planning ?

The main objective of financial planning is to ensure that you meet your future financial goals without compromising on your lifestyle or facing undue stress! By helping you manage your cash flows smartly and stick to your investment plan with discipline, financial planning ensures a better financial future for you and your family.

What is the role of an Investment Advisor in the Financial Planning Process?

The investment advisor or financial consultant plays a vital role in the financial planning process! In the long run, “how you invest” matters a lot more than “where you invest”. Even the best investment planning processes fail to deliver results if the “human element” is not managed properly. The investment advisor doesn’t just recommend the best investment plans or suggest market related portfolio changes – she also plays the role of counsellor or behavioural coach to ensure that you remain steadfast on your financial planning journey!

How does technology improve the Financial Planning experience?

Fantastic technology serves as a critical enabler for the financial planning process. A financial consultant with access to great tech to track and monitor your progress, will be better equipped to seamlessly implement critical investment planning changes from time to time. In a nutshell, technology ensures the continuity of your financial planning journey, so that it doesn’t just remain a one-time conversation with a financial consultant, but translates into tangible long term outcomes!

What are things to keep in mind with respect to Financial Planning

First and foremost, it’s important to know that Financial Planning is not merely a means to achieve higher returns from your investment plan! The process of financial planning is an iterative one, and your financial consultant will use tracking tools and technology to conduct time to time reviews and adjust your investment plan to match your present situation. Secondly, being open and transparent about your present situation with your financial consultant is critical for financial planning success. Finally, it’s important to know that financial planning is a long term endeavour, and sticking to your plan with discipline and commitment is the key to success.