How do I know
which fund is right for me?


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Benifits of Investment in
Mutual Funds

Invest low or high as per your investment goals

The mutual funds give an opportunity to set the investment as per your will. The amount of investment can be as small or as big as you prefer to choose. So you can set the amount as per your goals.

Accessibility – Mutual funds are easy to buy

There are many fund management companies with multiple options to choose from. You can go to any of the companies and choose any of the plans you find feasible as per your financial goals.

SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)

One of the most significant advantages is that an investor can choose a regular small amount of monthly, quarterly or bi-annual payment plan. This gives flexibility to each investor to choose as per their income flow.

Advantage of liquidity of funds

Most of the mutual funds do not come with any lock-in period. You just need to request for a redemption request when in need and withdraw your money as per the value at that period.

Diversification your funds

The mutual funds invest in multiple asset classes to ensure in case of failure of one asset, the other one gives a safety net and overall your money increases.

Reduce the investment risk

Since the fund is managed by professionally qualified people with an analytic team diving deep in each asset for accessing the value proposition the risk is a bit lower as compared to investing individually. Also since a large pool of money is invested together in a particular stock it gives a stable growth in the long run.

Taking Risk with
Equity Mutual Fund

Large cap Fund

Mid & Small cap Fund

Balanced Fund